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I have been fortunate to have spent my entire lifetime enjoying a very diverse and rewarding career in the Music, Recording, Production, and Audio / Video Businesses.

I’ve been playing music since I was 7 years old!

I have done several thousand gigs as a working musician and have logged thousands of hours in recording studios on both sides of the glass for decades.

I have Played, Recorded, Mixed, and Produced every style and genre of Music.

I have Designed, Built, and Owned studios, Managed studios, been Chief Engineer at studios, Engineered and Produced many artists and CDs, Tracked and Mixed Music for Film Soundtracks, Produced Radio Shows, Mixed Music for Live TV Broadcast, and on and on…

I continue to do all of these things… everyday!!!

Please check out my different pages for your specific needs.

I am available to Track, Mix, Arrange, and Produce your Music.

I can play on your session or contract other Musicians to perform in the studio with you.

I have my own project studio (Sanctuary Productions), and I have relationships with many other Studios and can put together the right package for any budget.

I am available to do Live Sound Mixing...

Doing a Film or Video??? I am adept at Sound Design, Dialogue Mixing, Sound FX Spotting, and ADR.

I Design, Build, Project Manage, and Configure Systems and Installations.

I Teach Audio in general and ProTools in particular.

Whatever your Music, Recording, Production, Scoring, Tracking, Mixing, Mastering, Performance, Design, or Install needs may be.....

I can help you to realize your vision and attain your goals....


Joe borges -  engineer / Mixer / producer /

/ A/V Professional /


Music Production



Mixing for Broadcast

Live Sound Mixing

PostProduction for Film

Studio and System Design, Build and Install


Sound Design

Jingles / Underscores

Session Musician

Live Performance

ADR / Dialogue Mixing


Video Editing

Whatever You May Need!!!!!

              Sanctuary Productions /  Joe Borges 973 882-6983